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What a pain in the LEG!

So its be 2 weeks since my recovery. My previous post stated a few stretches and exercises I would do everyday on a daily basis. It has its results. I am no longer limping casually; walking normally now. As for workouts I only focused on situps, crunches, leg lifts, pushups and the like. I also started with squats, lunges and hip/knee rotations to warm up the joints and muscles before going into stretches and foam roller. (Two weeks ago I was unable to do squats or lunges!) Then I would ice it up for 15 mins every 4 hours. With moderation I am finally about to spin without any issues on the bike trainer. I am still skeptical about running but I know that day is coming soon. Patience is such a pain in the ass but I wouldn’t be here without some amount of it.

During the few months I have done some light cardio without using my legs much (particularly bending of the knee). I did plyo pushups, curls, planks, sit-ups and windmill as a circuit workout for upper and mid body. Shadow boxing was one of the best ways to work up a sweat. I didn’t have a particular routine but swinging at the air and listening to some gangster rap was pretty motivating to me :P

Recovery #1 : RICE method, stretches and roller (always)

Recovery #2 : RICE method and some light circuit without use of legs

Recovery #3 : RICE method, light circuit including squats, lunges (introducing leg strength into my routine)

Recovery #4 : RICE method, increased cardio, bike trainer as warmup at light cadence for limited time

Recovery #5 : RICE method, increased cardio, bike trainer at moderate cadence for limited time

Recovery #6 : Plan to do a light jog after another week or so…

During the recover phases if I felt any slight discomfort or pain I would immediately stop what I was doing and use the RICE method. This might have taken a few days to a week before I did another exercise routine but the RICE and stretches never took a break.

That is what I recall during the few months of misery. Believe me its a pain in the leg but more a pain in the ass…everything in moderation, no jumping the gun, take it easy, don’t kill yourself because its not worth it.

-Exercising Cap

it band pain

On The Road To Recovery

The past few months or so has been pretty depressing. I haven’t been able to do anything active that requires my legs. I was training a nice fellow for his first half marathon. You can catch me here where I hold sessions. I also coach basic fitness and tennis as well.

Anyways, during the sessions with Brian I may have overdid it. With or without stretching it was mainly due to running 7-8 miles after a 3-week vacation with little to no exercise. I had managed to complete it feeling good. The aftermath kicked my ass. I could barely bend my knee. Walking up/downstairs, walking in general was a pain. Putting on pants, turning over in bed woke me up. This was clearly an issue with the IT band. Its often common in runners and cyclists.

When it gets bad it starts at the knee (its bad but not the worst) if you ignore this it only gets worse in the hip area and then you’ll be in big trouble. I’ve built enough tension over the years that its just getting to me.

Had I known this was only going to get worse I’d probably would have stopped training all together. But I’m an idiot.

So I’m currently undergoing a few stretching techniques that really target the IT band to ease the tension in hopes to avoid any contact with a therapist.

1. Foam Roller – It hurts so good. 5-10 mins.

2. Seated IT band stretch – The link shows a yoga stance but I sit in a chair and really learn into the stretch 3x30sec

3. Prone IT band stretch – The link shows a lady sitting upright but I lean down to get more of a stretch. 3x30sec

4. Side IT band stretch (alt) – I hold these stretches for 3x30sec

As painful as it looks and feels there is a noticeable improvement. I’m performing these daily and I hope to recover within a few weeks from now. I’m so sick of staying indoors!

-Exercising Cap


Are You A Runner?

Any good runner needs to stay fit. Staying fit doesn’t mean to run all the time either. You won’t become a better runner.

To be a better runner you need to be a stronger runner. This means to run faster and longer while preventing injuries.

Keep in mind this is a strength based article, not cardio which is another discussion related to cardiovascular, but it is a different strength topic.

You need a strong butt. Your butt will support your every strides. Good exercises include squats, front and side lunges.

Another important muscle is your torso. This will support your body when it’s in motion. Recommended exercises include crunches, situps, side oblique crunches, leg lifts, and cobras.

Try this simple workout below with me:

4-Week Plan (5x per week) approx time 45-60 min.

Squats 20x
Crunches 30x
Cobras 15x
Front lunges 10x each leg
Situps 20x
Side oblique crunches 15x each side
Side lunges 10x each leg
Leg lifts 15x

Please follow up with questions and results!

-Exercising Cap


Exercise For Prevention


Prevention from what you ask? Prevention from possible diseases that occur when you least expect it. It’s scary but everyone needs to be aware of this.

It’s not new news that exercise is important to maintain a healthy body. A healthy body means you are less likely to be a risk of diseases.

In a recent article, this is further proven. If you are overweight or obese you increase your chances of getting diabetes, Type 2 to be more specific. This is for who may be living a unhealthy lifestyle – People who don’t acquire a healthy diet or a regular exercise routine. Being underweight may even be at risk too. Although the article specifically mentions women but it should be equally useful for both genders and children.

Strength training is a great workout but it would be even better to integrate different exercises in your workout routine. An example to consider is cardio training. As simple as jogging in place (cardio) and doing pushups (strength) or jumping jacks and squats. The combination of the exercises allow the body to dramatically adapt to stability and strength.

If you’re thinking about getting fit don’t single out one workout because you think you can get the most of of it. Benefit from both extremes and you will notice a huge difference.

-Exercising Cap


Clients’ Goals Underestimated


There’s no easy way to describe how difficult it is for a client to gain good habits and quit the bad. The best way to achieve an objective or goal is a step by step program – everything in moderation – anything in life requires this. It’s never healthy to stop cold of what you have been doing on a regular basis. Your body needs time to adjust gradually.

I was reading this article earlier today and has proven how important exercise can be for people who are overweight. In a brief video interview, a young lady, Katie has tried many weight-loss programs, but none seemed to have an effect on her. Her concern was that nobody could help and she wished there was a provider to assist with her eating disorder. Although personal trainers may not be certified to give certain advice, they can certainly motivate their clients.

Maybe her problems come from how the programs are outlined? That she needs a trainer or coach to monitor her more closely. Katie’s situation is a sensitive topic because without knowing her background and daily routines its difficult to make assumptions. I know that it’s possible for her to change. She took the first steps in signing up for programs, which is the hardest part. I pray that she will find someone who can give her the confidence and strengthen to move forward.

-Exercising Cap


How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise?

Running Group Half Marathon
There are 5 groups in this world when it comes exercise:

1. I don’t know what exercise is.
2. I heard of exercise and I’m considering it.
3. I know exercise is important and will get more serious soon.
4. I exercise frequently but sometimes family and work get in the way.
5. I exercise often and make it a regular routine.

It ranges from “I don’t care” to “I live and breathe exercise” which is a big range but anything in life you need to acknowledge the purpose of exercise and the benefits. If you are starting at level I or level III, you have or had to build your way up gradually in moderation. Certainly there are the gifted ones with talents but they are outnumbered.

Which one are you? It’s never too late. It’s better to be last place than to never start.

Here’s how I usually get motivated. Continue Reading →


Tis the season to ‘RETHINK’

My absence has kept me away from blogging because I had recently contracted similar symptoms of the flu. While hopefully with a speedy recovery, it wasn’t fun or easy.

After all our Christmas party gatherings with family or friends you never know when you’ve picked up a virus. Either though hugs or kisses to passing of dishes or shaking hands, something so simple can be so lethal. Continue Reading →