Burning Belly Fat

Now that winter season is turning down its time to work the fat off! I admit I’ve eaten a lot and haven’t kept the healthiest diets on record. Especially going out of country and enjoying the nightlife where food is up for grabs in the busy streets of Taiwan. Everywhere you look…food was bound to be there. Easy access without proper control of yourself can be dangerous :-)

So I propose a workout focusing on the belly…front, side and back.

To really understand why I incorporate cardio in any workout, fat is the second thing your body will burn as fuel. First it’s carbs. It’s like the transmission in your car. First gear, high rpm, burns faster. Second gear, lower rpm, takes longer. Your body functions in a similar way. So I believe cardio first, the strength in a cycle. This is also known as circuit training.

I’ll create a month schedule I’ll be working on where you can follow. Please follow up with questions and results!

4-Week Plan (5x per week) approx time 45-60 min.
Jumping up and down 60x
Sit up 20x
Crunches 20x
Jumping jacks 50x
Situps 20x
Side crunches 20x each side
Jumping up and down 60x
Situps 20x
Cobra 20x
Take a brief break…

-Exercising Cap

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  1. Jacqueline
    March 1, 2014

    Cool workout! I’m gonna do it tmr :) how many jumping jacks?

  2. Jonathan Chen
    March 3, 2014

    Oops sorry, will update!

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