Clients’ Goals Underestimated


There’s no easy way to describe how difficult it is for a client to gain good habits and quit the bad. The best way to achieve an objective or goal is a step by step program – everything in moderation – anything in life requires this. It’s never healthy to stop cold of what you have been doing on a regular basis. Your body needs time to adjust gradually.

I was reading this article earlier today and has proven how important exercise can be for people who are overweight. In a brief video interview, a young lady, Katie has tried many weight-loss programs, but none seemed to have an effect on her. Her concern was that nobody could help and she wished there was a provider to assist with her eating disorder. Although personal trainers may not be certified to give certain advice, they can certainly motivate their clients.

Maybe her problems come from how the programs are outlined? That she needs a trainer or coach to monitor her more closely. Katie’s situation is a sensitive topic because without knowing her background and daily routines its difficult to make assumptions. I know that it’s possible for her to change. She took the first steps in signing up for programs, which is the hardest part. I pray that she will find someone who can give her the confidence and strengthen to move forward.

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