Exercise For Prevention


Prevention from what you ask? Prevention from possible diseases that occur when you least expect it. It’s scary but everyone needs to be aware of this.

It’s not new news that exercise is important to maintain a healthy body. A healthy body means you are less likely to be a risk of diseases.

In a recent article, this is further proven. If you are overweight or obese you increase your chances of getting diabetes, Type 2 to be more specific. This is for who may be living a unhealthy lifestyle – People who don’t acquire a healthy diet or a regular exercise routine. Being underweight may even be at risk too. Although the article specifically mentions women but it should be equally useful for both genders and children.

Strength training is a great workout but it would be even better to integrate different exercises in your workout routine. An example to consider is cardio training. As simple as jogging in place (cardio) and doing pushups (strength) or jumping jacks and squats. The combination of the exercises allow the body to dramatically adapt to stability and strength.

If you’re thinking about getting fit don’t single out one workout because you think you can get the most of of it. Benefit from both extremes and you will notice a huge difference.

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