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Hello, still alive, but been really out of it. I never left my running shoes and bike alone though! Still been doing my regular workouts and trying to stay as fit as possible. Its been an unfortunate time but there are some memorable moments. I wanted to share a post back in July but never got the chance to post it…it doesn’t make much sense to post it now but I’d like to share.

I’m back yet again…I have been way too busy with personal life. Lots have happened in the past months. For a while I’ve been struggling to find a new job. The pay and the cost of living didn’t add up in New York. I thought about my future goals and what I’d see happen. I interviewed mostly back in Texas but got an offer in Dallas. So I’m currently residing in Texas. Yeehaw! Hey folks lets saddle up and do some workouts again? I hope I can take some time soon for that.

New York, June 25th we were married. The day before we looked for rings. The next day early in morning during our move out back to Texas, I sang and played on the guitar “There’ll never be anyone else but you” by Ricky Nelson. I never played a guitar in my life, I never sang to anybody in my life, it was nerve-wrecking for myself but my wife I was told brought her tears. So it was worth it :D I got so nervous I forgot to ask her the question :P oops?
The drive down was fun, rented a caravan for 7 days, made a few stops; Smoky Mountain, Nashville, Memphis, TN and Hot springs, AR. Dropped our junk off in the Dallas apartment, and the next day we went down to Austin. Work is busy, I wouldn’t say its any different from what I’ve been doing in NY. I do drive a lot more now (which sucks, less exercise) I was finally able to get geared up with my bikes and route a 40 mile ride around Plano, Texas. Its long roads but little to no hills. I plan to do it again this weekend if there’s no rain. I’ll post a link later once the route is finalized. This isn’t the most bike friendly city or State for that matter. But I do see large groups of cyclists and runners!
I’ll be reopening my profile on CoachUp so I can start training others who are interested in getting fit or in shape. But until then sorry about the long lost Jonathan, I am in fact still alive and doing well. Talk soon.
So after 4.5 months at the new job, they decided to let me go. For whatever reason, it certainly was not due to my performance nor professionalism. I requested for more work/responsibilities, yet nobody would follow through. From what I’ve heard after talking to family and friends, it was definitely not my fault and it was a wrongful decision. The company needs to work on communication within the team. There’s always a first everywhere. Yet I find myself at the top of this rollercoaster ride again…
I love my wife and that’s all I really care about now, she’s always there for support.
Post more laters.
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