JJF1000 Training Day #1 – Jumpin’ Jacks

Warmup / Cooldown

Jumpin’ Jacks

Training Day #1 – Jumpin’ Jacks
Howdy people! First day of training, so get excited! Lets rock this out with The Rolling Stones!

Perform the warmup and cooldown exercises (see above) in a natural standing posture. Then you step to the right side more than shoulder width and swing both arms over your head at the same time. Return to standing posture by bring right foot back to left foot. This should count as 1 step/second. Repeat movement on left side. Continue repetitions as required.

Right after the warmup side steps you will immediately begin traditional jumping jacks (see above), jump in place with legs apart and swinging arms overhead and return by jumping back into standing stance, continue this repetitive and rhythmic motion. This should count as 1 jump/step. Keep your knees slightly bent to minimize impact. Complete your set with a cooldown and repeat for difficulty. See below for training example.

This is a fun and exciting exercise for anyone but as always **Be mindful of your health condition(s) as well. You know your body better than anybody else, if you can’t do it, stop and reduce the time or use the regression tips. But if your unsure please check it out with your doctor before you attempt the exercises.**

Amount of Workout:
If you’ve never did jumping jacks before always start with Bronze*. Everyone is different but will eventually build enough strength and endurance to advance. You don’t want to hurt yourself or be so sore you can’t participate in the next exercises! Try to do at least 2-4 sets a day, split it up, 1 set morning, 1 set afternoon, 1 set during break and 1 set evening. Make your schedule work, this exercise takes no more than 1 minute!

One (1) Set*:
1. Warmup = 20 side steps/second
2. Jumpin’ Jacks 1of3 = 20 jumps/second
3. Jumpin’ Jacks 2of3= 20 jumps/second
4. Jumpin’ Jacks 3of3= 20 jumps/second
5. Cooldown = 20 side steps/second
*Repeat for difficulty

*Range of Difficulty:
(1) set = Bronze
(2) sets = Silver
(3) sets = Gold
(4) sets = Platinum

Regression: If you have issues with joints and can’t jump off the ground, continue the side steps. If you can’t swing arms bring them up halfway. You can try the Chicken Dance where you bring your hands under your arms and flap your elbows instead.

-Exercising Cap

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