kNIGHT Runner Headgear

Wanted to share some headgear for those who enjoy running in the dark. Absolutely nothing wrong, its actually adventurous and lots more fun. I ran many times in NY streets but lights flooded the streets. Now that I’m in Texas, lots less lights around, seriously country! This is for safety and works well for me.

I feel the reason for running in the dark is better for me because I focus even more, you see nothing but what is in front of you.

WARNING: don’t try this if you are claustrophobic or if you are spooked from scary movies :D

See below. Headlights up front with LED lights and adjustable. I used back-lights using a clip that attaches to the strap of my running cap (this is my bikes back-light but you can equip proper running lights too!)

Running on the sidewalk/road: Running against traffic (front lights on blinker mode, back-light on continuous mode) running with traffic (back-light on blinker mode, front light on continuous mode). The rule of thumb is usually to run against traffic but this can be situational.

Always use your BEST judgement and always wear bright reflective clothes.



Run safe! Rock ‘n’ Road!!!

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