Lower Back Pain and General Exercises

Your back muscles work with other muscles in the mid-section of your body, so if you’re feeling pain in your back it might be relate to other muscle(s) near it. Your mid-section/core muscles are vital for everyday activities because it connects your upper and lower extremities. There are one of two causes, you have tight muscles that need to be stretched or you have weak muscles and they need to be strengthened. How to remedy this then? Firstly and most importantly if you had prior injuries or surgery please consult your doctor! So I posted a few examples below which you can perform safely in your home. I have done these before so its possible you can too!

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Here are some basic stretches (hold each stance for 30 seconds before switching):

Groin or Adductors (Make sure your feet are pointed forwards and your back is straight, keep your abs drawn-in)

Hip flexors (Be sure you don’t over extend this, you’ll probably feel tension in this stance already)


Here are some basic core exercises:
Planks/Prone Iso-abs (hold as long as possible and repeat)

Floor Cobras (Hold for a few seconds and repeat. Make sure you don’t over extend your back, this will cause more stress than benefit)

Floor Bridge (Hold for a few seconds and repeat. Make sure you don’t over extend when going up)

Stability Ball Crunches/Situps (Using a ball will take some pain off your butt)

Side Iso abs (You can start anywhere between 12-20 reps and repeat 1-3 sets depending on how you feel)

Stability Ball Squats (Use the ball as a guide, don’t depend on it)

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