How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise?

Running Group Half Marathon
There are 5 groups in this world when it comes exercise:

1. I don’t know what exercise is.
2. I heard of exercise and I’m considering it.
3. I know exercise is important and will get more serious soon.
4. I exercise frequently but sometimes family and work get in the way.
5. I exercise often and make it a regular routine.

It ranges from “I don’t care” to “I live and breathe exercise” which is a big range but anything in life you need to acknowledge the purpose of exercise and the benefits. If you are starting at level I or level III, you have or had to build your way up gradually in moderation. Certainly there are the gifted ones with talents but they are outnumbered.

Which one are you? It’s never too late. It’s better to be last place than to never start.

Here’s how I usually get motivated.

1. I loved tennis back in high school, I played everyday I had the chance. I watched epic matches on YouTube, I watch it on TV and played with friends and joined a club. I loved Pete Sampras so much I bought the exact brand and make of the racket and mimicked his form just because it looked cool. I strung my own rackets and the team to make money. I also taught tennis for a few years.

2. I love Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, watched every single movie they had and watched it over and over. The fight scenes got me interested in fast explosive kicks and punches, the quick maneuvering to take down an opponent. Ended up taking Tai-Chi, although it was slow as hell it taught form, balance and fluidity. I always wanted to have Bruce Lee’s body, totally ripped but not bulky. That always got me doing push-ups, pull-ups, situps, crunches and footwork on a regular basis. I also have posters all over my wall!

3. I love cycling for the speed. Who doesn’t like the adrenaline rush? I watch Tour de France every year, watched big racing events locally and on international television which inspired me even more. Those guys are gladiators, how can they climb 10k+ feet in 4-5 hours and do that for about 3 weeks straight?! Insane, so I wanted to “be like them.” I joined and trained for numerous events to challenge myself.

4. I love to help others in need or who are looking to improve. I join running and cycling events for charity. The event itself is an exercise. From the time of signing-up until the race day and when you cross the finish. Either walking or running, no matter what time you finish it in, you know you did something good and you did yourself a huge favor by pushing yourself to exercise. These events are the biggest motivation boosters in my opinion because before, during and even after the event there’s always a crowd there to support you. You make friends and meet new ones, that is a great feeling.

What motivates you? Ask yourself what the benefits are in exercise. There are tons you should be aware of. Use the examples above to get your started. Are you into sports? Any sports that interest you? Anything you watched on TV that sparked an interest? Do you or have you had an idol(s) you always admired and wish your body could look like theirs? Ask your friends and family the same questions, they could totally relate and you guys could get started! The more the merrier. :D

-Exercising Cap


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