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Oh you will have summertime blues if you are being lazy this winter break! But there is a cure! Get motivated and do a few exercises a day. Don’t go crazy but gradually get back into the routine.

Start with the basic drill like: Read the Post ‘Wintertime’ Blues

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Running Group Half Marathon
There are 5 groups in this world when it comes exercise:

1. I don’t know what exercise is.
2. I heard of exercise and I’m considering it.
3. I know exercise is important and will get more serious soon.
4. I exercise frequently but sometimes family and work get in the way.
5. I exercise often and make it a regular routine.

It ranges from “I don’t care” to “I live and breathe exercise” which is a big range but anything in life you need to acknowledge the purpose of exercise and the benefits. If you are starting at level I or level III, you have or had to build your way up gradually in moderation. Certainly there are the gifted ones with talents but they are outnumbered.

Which one are you? It’s never too late. It’s better to be last place than to never start.

Here’s how I usually get motivated. Read the Post How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise?

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My absence has kept me away from blogging because I had recently contracted similar symptoms of the flu. While hopefully with a speedy recovery, it wasn’t fun or easy.

After all our Christmas party gatherings with family or friends you never know when you’ve picked up a virus. Either though hugs or kisses to passing of dishes or shaking hands, something so simple can be so lethal. Read the Post Tis the season to ‘RETHINK’