What a pain in the LEG!

So its be 2 weeks since my recovery. My previous post stated a few stretches and exercises I would do everyday on a daily basis. It has its results. I am no longer limping casually; walking normally now. As for workouts I only focused on situps, crunches, leg lifts, pushups and the like. I also started with squats, lunges and hip/knee rotations to warm up the joints and muscles before going into stretches and foam roller. (Two weeks ago I was unable to do squats or lunges!) Then I would ice it up for 15 mins every 4 hours. With moderation I am finally about to spin without any issues on the bike trainer. I am still skeptical about running but I know that day is coming soon. Patience is such a pain in the ass but I wouldn’t be here without some amount of it.

During the few months I have done some light cardio without using my legs much (particularly bending of the knee). I did plyo pushups, curls, planks, sit-ups and windmill as a circuit workout for upper and mid body. Shadow boxing was one of the best ways to work up a sweat. I didn’t have a particular routine but swinging at the air and listening to some gangster rap was pretty motivating to me :P

Recovery #1 : RICE method, stretches and roller (always)

Recovery #2 : RICE method and some light circuit without use of legs

Recovery #3 : RICE method, light circuit including squats, lunges (introducing leg strength into my routine)

Recovery #4 : RICE method, increased cardio, bike trainer as warmup at light cadence for limited time

Recovery #5 : RICE method, increased cardio, bike trainer at moderate cadence for limited time

Recovery #6 : Plan to do a light jog after another week or so…

During the recover phases if I felt any slight discomfort or pain I would immediately stop what I was doing and use the RICE method. This might have taken a few days to a week before I did another exercise routine but the RICE and stretches never took a break.

That is what I recall during the few months of misery. Believe me its a pain in the leg but more a pain in the ass…everything in moderation, no jumping the gun, take it easy, don’t kill yourself because its not worth it.

-Exercising Cap

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