Personal Trainers Are Worth It

Some people are asking why there’s a need for personal trainers when the information is all over the internet – Common workout schedules and ideas and solutions are endless. While that is true, it does not mean anything will get done either. That is if someone is truly dedicated in what they want, they will pursue it, but really how often does that happen? The point of setting goals is to achieve them and getting there can be tough when proper motivation isn’t around. The environment, family and friends, and even co-workers’ support is essential in anyone’s motivation. Without moral support, goals will be difficult to achieve. Having a personal trainer can help you reach your goals. They can assist you, encourage and motivate you. Yes, there may be a fee behind this but lets face it, they have to make a living somehow too!

Motivation is priority but also personal trainers have the expertise in designing solutions per client. I don’t want to go off tangent but I come from an architectural background and from a design standpoint it relates to customization of the ‘template.’ If a client wants a particular appearance in their house or where he wants the kitchen or bedroom, I design that to fit their needs. Of course some needs/wants are unfit or unrealistic for construction, so I make suggestions and help modify. The design for individual needs in an exercise workout is similar because there will be revisions and tweaks here and there to help clients meet their goals in an efficient and safe manner. In both scenarios getting to know the individual takes time and patience – being a friend and a good listener. But personal trainers seem to take it deeper in terms of personality. I believe there’s a certain connection with all clients that we can understand and interpret that allows us that much more special.

Having a personal trainer is much like when you were a child where your parents would push you to study harder or teach you the good, bad and evil, or whatever. This is all for the better in the years ahead. Need a wake up call? Done. Need a friendly personality who understands you? Done. Need a responsible and prompt individual? Done.

So what can you do if you feel like getting into exercise? You did you research or youtubed certain exercises that you need but haven’t fully committed to schedule or have performed the exercises several times a week for maybe a month? Have time constraints or too tired from work to do anything? This is acceptable under certain circumstances but shouldn’t be an excuse. Its possible to do a 15 minute workout earlier in the morning and later in the evening several times a week. Or even on a lunch break, take a walk outdoors or walk up and down stairs. If you’ve heard of a personal trainers or read about ones online, send out an emails or make a phone call. There are plenty of qualified/certified trainers in your area, not only in gyms/clubs. Get to know who they really are and if their personality works for you then move forward from there! Wish you all the best in health!

-Exercising Cap

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