Plank-a-Thon Training Day #12 – Plyometric Plank

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Training Day #12 – Plyometric Plank

I hope ya’ll had a feast for Thanksgiving :) I had chicken. The oven is too small. I also posted a small study in comparing 3 exercises. Today is the 12th plank of the challenge, we’re halfway through! Unfortunately, like in any school there are midterms and final exams. There will be a small ‘quiz’ on the planks next time we meet. Utilize this as work-in-progress report, a way to see where you stand!

Today we’ll be jumping off our hands literally. Plyometric planks from our upper body will take more effort because we don’t usually walk/run/jump on our hands everyday. This will help build upper strength and stability as you land. As always start in plank stance. Then you build momentum by going into the push-up plank, and release the tension by hopping your hands above the floor. Do not hold the push-up too long because this won’t benefit the momentum you want to gain from the release. After returning to the plank, you hold and repeat.

**Be mindful of your health condition(s) as well. You know your body better than anybody else, if you can’t do it, stop and reduce the time or use the regression tips. But if your unsure please check it out with your doctor.

Take a few minutes and a few times during the day to perform this exercise. Try 2-4 times per day, once before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed time. See how long you can hold yourself up. Challenge yourself. Make sure to keep your back as straight, chin tucked, tummy tight and remember to breathe! Also place your hands on a yoga mat or pillow – something to cushion them, don’t hurt yourself!


1. Plank – 5-10 seconds

2. Plyo Plank – 3-5 reps (1 rep = 1 Plyo Plank)

3. Plank – 5-10 seconds

4. Plyo Plank – 3-5 reps (1 rep = 1 Plyo Plank)

5. Plank –5-10 seconds
Rest – catch your breath, wiggle out the tension, loosen up

Progression: If this is simple for you, feel free to increase the time or repetitions, you are awesome! Try to clap your hands while in the air!

Regression #1: Place your knees on the floor but still have your body extended in a straight line from your knees to your head. (Your butt shouldn’t be sticking up)
Regression #2: Try the original stance with your hands on a chair or couch. This will elevate your upper body for an easier workout (Your butt shouldn’t be sticking up). Eventually you’d want to work your way back up to Regression #1 then back to the  “Plyometric Plank”

-Exercising Cap

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