Plank-a-Thon Training Day #18 – Cartwheel Plank

29ccw and cw plank
28ccw and cw plank
27ccw and cw plank
Training Day #18 – Cartwheel Plank

Today we’ll wrap up with the last exercise before the Challenge! It’s never too late to test your skills. This exercise will increase strength, stability and balance but also hand and foot coordination. Start with the plank stance and rotate clockwise (right) by placing your right arm, left leg outward (a little more than shoulder width), then bring your left arm, right leg inward. Continue this until you have made a complete circle. Repeat the movement by going counter-clockwise (left).

**Be mindful of your health condition(s) as well. You know your body better than anybody else, if you can’t do it, stop and reduce the time or use the regression tips. But if your unsure please check it out with your doctor.

Take a few minutes and a few times during the day to perform this exercise. Try 2-4 times per day, once before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed time. See how long you can hold yourself up. Challenge yourself. Make sure to keep your back as straight, chin tucked, tummy tight and remember to breathe! Also place your hands on a yoga mat or pillow – something to cushion them, don’t hurt yourself!


1. Plank – 5-10 seconds

2. Cartwheel Plank (CW – right) – 1 circle

3. Plank – 5-10 seconds
Rest – catch your breath, wiggle out the tension, loosen up

4. Plank – 5-10 seconds

5. Cartwheel Plank (CCW – left) – 1 circle

6. Plank – 5-10 seconds
Rest – catch your breath, wiggle out the tension, loosen up

Progression: If this is simple for you, feel free to increase the time or repetitions, you are awesome!

Regression #1: Place your knees on the floor but still have your body extended in a straight line from your knees to your head (Your butt shouldn’t be sticking up). Make sure you cushion your knees with a yoga mat or pillow, don’t hurt yourself!

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