Plank-a-Thon Training Day – Plank Quiz

Training Day – Plank Quiz
More than halfway through the plank training challenge! See compiled photos for the workout. Follow the outline for time intervals, sorry, no breaks til the end or each set! Have fun :D

Plank Quiz Outline
1. Plank x20 seconds
2. Alternating-Row Plank x 40 seconds (1 left + 1 right)
3. Marching Plank x 40 seconds (1 left + 1 right)
4. Inchworm Plank x20 seconds
5. Swing and Chop Plank x 40 seconds (1 left + 1 right)
6. Rocking Chair Glider Plank x20 seconds
7. Cat Plank x20 seconds
8. Leg Balance Plank x 40 seconds (1 left + 1 right)
9. Plyometric Plank x20 seconds
10. Crawl Plank x 40 seconds (1 left + 1 right)
11. Elbow Plank x20 seconds
Rest – catch your breath, wiggle out the tension, loosen up & repeat if you want to continue.

x1 = 2min 40sec = you’re a natural!
x2 = 5min 20sec = you’re a pro!
x3 = 8 minutes = you’re a beast!

**Be mindful of your health condition(s) as well. You know your body better than anybody else, if you can’t do it, stop and reduce the time or use the regression tips. But if your unsure please check it out with your doctor.

04alt lat plank
07marching plank
09inchworm 10inchworm 11inchworm
05alt arm swing plank copy
06alt arm swing plank copy
14dip plank 15dip plank 13cat plank
12alt leg balance plank16plyo plank 17plyo plank
08crawling plank02elbow plank

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