Are You A Runner?

Any good runner needs to stay fit. Staying fit doesn’t mean to run all the time either. You won’t become a better runner.

To be a better runner you need to be a stronger runner. This means to run faster and longer while preventing injuries.

Keep in mind this is a strength based article, not cardio which is another discussion related to cardiovascular, but it is a different strength topic.

You need a strong butt. Your butt will support your every strides. Good exercises include squats, front and side lunges.

Another important muscle is your torso. This will support your body when it’s in motion. Recommended exercises include crunches, situps, side oblique crunches, leg lifts, and cobras.

Try this simple workout below with me:

4-Week Plan (5x per week) approx time 45-60 min.

Squats 20x
Crunches 30x
Cobras 15x
Front lunges 10x each leg
Situps 20x
Side oblique crunches 15x each side
Side lunges 10x each leg
Leg lifts 15x

Please follow up with questions and results!

-Exercising Cap

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