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Inspired by the Rolling Stones. If you don’t feel like getting off your butt for a quick workout, this will! The song Jumpin’ Jack Flash makes you feel involved, energized and pumped! That’s how I interpreted the lyrics “It’s a gas! Gas! Gas!” = Go go go! Let’s do this!

I believe jumping jacks are as effective if not better than running or jump rope. See the small case study on how I concluded this.

I’ve compiled a series of different jumping jacks which also incorporates dynamic shoulder, core, hips, gluts and leg movements. The exercise will boost your heart rate, stamina, stability and strengthen your quads and calves. Jumping jacks are a good warmup but can also be good as a workout. Stretching is important because after working out your muscles fatigue and tighten up. Its always a good practice to stretch after to “neutralize” your muscles.

Here’s a sneak peek on what you get to look forward to! Training days will be posted every other day!
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