DOMS – Aching Muscles

Delayed onset muscle soreness – This usually happens when the muscles are experiencing more work than usual. For example, if you’re a runner like me but had to rest an injured leg, all this time while you are trying to avoid any leg exercises but after its healed and suddenly go out for one of your regular runs?… you’ll probably experience pain and soreness for a few days until your leg muscles recover. I call it lazy muscle syndrome. If you don’t work your muscles routinely it gets lazy and when you decide to do a workout, that muscle isn’t going to be happy waking up from hibernation.

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If you do pushups/pullups or situps when its not your regular routine, then you’d experience DOMS for a few days until you muscles react and rebuild for that particular resistance. This goes for any other workout that requires resistance.

Here’s a mistake you should avoid. If you are in a resting period due to injury, too much work and/or family, then recover, do what you have to do to get better. Don’t go out on your regular runs after recovering but gradually build back to what you are used to. If you usually do 3 miles regularly then try running 1 mile the first night if the next day you feel good do 2 miles the next and you should be good to go.

Our muscles are like machines. We get rusty when not-in-use, and need some oiling/greasing up to get back up and ‘running’ :P

I have a confession to make and its not pretty. I sprained my foot which took me out for a few months, that ligament…During the recovery I did core and upper body exercises. When I went for a run I did 11+ miles on the whim. Don’t do that. Keep in mind my regular runs are usually 4 miles, 3-4 times per week! Now imagine how stupid I felt and looked the following days. Could barely walk, aching and pain all over, I couldn’t even sit down normally, those thighs ouch. It’s not so much as an ego but I had my mind set for so long and felt I needed this rush, now I’m paying for it.

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