Tis the season to ‘RETHINK’

My absence has kept me away from blogging because I had recently contracted similar symptoms of the flu. While hopefully with a speedy recovery, it wasn’t fun or easy.

After all our Christmas party gatherings with family or friends you never know when you’ve picked up a virus. Either though hugs or kisses to passing of dishes or shaking hands, something so simple can be so lethal.

This year is the first that I can remember where I was seriously sick while visiting family. At first I thought it was usual allergies from Texas cedar; shortness of breath, itchy lungs and slight coughing. Later on, I felt less energy and decided to take a break from running with my sister on the strata challenge, sorry sis but I’m sure you got this on your own. That didn’t seem to fix it, instead, I felt chilly while everyone else was fine. Maybe I was just tired and really needed to catch up with rest. Muscles and bones ached throughout my body and I would wake up in a  sweat or chills.

Luckily my Mom checked my temperature. BAM! 104. So I was burning up for 2 days and was popping pills left and right. Without medical insurance my earnings were literally nonexistent. All the credit goes to my parents for taking good care of me.

The moment I found energy to type this I thought of 3 things: love, hope and exercise. Love, through my family who cared for me. Hope, that I will recover quickly and that everyone else will be ok. And exercise, how it helped me fight physical and mental breakdown. There’s no cure for the flu except the relief of pain and to slow virus multiplication, but to have a strong and healthy body is important to maintain.

Let’s rethink about what the holidays are really about. Be thankful for your loved ones, cherish them as long as you are alive. Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy 2014!

-Exercising Cap

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