‘Wintertime’ Blues

Oh you will have summertime blues if you are being lazy this winter break! But there is a cure! Get motivated and do a few exercises a day. Don’t go crazy but gradually get back into the routine.

Start with the basic drill like:

1. Jump up and down for 1 minute

2. Do 10 pushups

3. Do 10 situps

4. Do 20 Jumping jacks

5. Do a Plank for 20 seconds

Repeat 2 more times.

There is a cure for the summertime blues! Its all up to you now! No more gaining weight this year, time to burn that fat off!

Its hard during the winters I’ll give you that. Its cold, you don’t want to go out – just curl up under the cozy blanket. The sun goes down earlier making longer nights. Take advantage of the sun while its out. You’ll find yourself happier too. Even if there’s no sun its better than sitting at home munching on chips and doing nothing. Its almost over, the cold is subsiding and spring is about to blossom. (Allergy attack yay) But hey its going to be great exercising weather!

-Exercising Cap

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